Make your company’s Train from Home (TFH) initiative a success using a Digital Adoption Platform

September 2, 2020 | Digital Adoption, Uncategorized

How does a Digital Adoption Platform Improve Training from Home?

Mainstream American companies quickly embraced “Work from Home” initiatives in the aftermath of Coronavirus. As a result of the global pandemic, corporate America is observing a permanent shift towards ‘Train from Home’ (TFH) options. As these companies adapt to new ways of work, their workforces will need to learn differently, too.

Previously, the learning and development teams created a traditional classroom-based curriculum. Now they can’t deliver the lesson in-person anymore due to current government mandates and state regulations. Learning and development leaders must develop new and creative training approaches that address today’s workforce’s learning preferences and needs. 

How will companies step up to the challenge? 

Our current client, Roundel, owned by a leading retail giant, made the shift to TFH with our digital adoption tool, JumpSeat. In a customer testimonial, the media group stated, “It has been awesome to have a tool that empowers users to find the answers to their questions. Our training and support plan has changed with the new working from home model, and it gives us one more touchpoint.” 

While there will always be a place for in-person training, businesses globally adopt to Train from Home (TFH) solutions and will continue to adapt as digital transformation evolves. 

Train from Home (TFH) Onboarding

Let’s talk onboarding. Onboarding often can create overhead for Human Resources (HR) with new hires learning the advancement of tools. It is now more challenging than ever in today’s landscape of COVID, where everyone’s trying to onboard and train from their home office or their kitchen counter. Employees were challenged to self-learn without HR or a coworker sitting down with them and monitoring the onboarding process. 

JumpSeat has proven to provide new resources with the ability to self-onboard and support self-serve learners the fundamentals of an organization’s technology stack. Accelerate training new teammates with personalized and customized onboarding experience, bridging the gap between HR and home offices with JumpSeat. 

Transform Learning Methods

It’s time to transform your organizations learning methods with JumpSeat. JumpSeat allows companies to create and customize their own content safely from their home office, then deploy that content immediately to a broad user base without scheduling in-person training. The learner can always access JumpSeat, and they don’t have to be in a classroom or office setting to engage the training they need.  With guides, notifications, and way-finding available 24/7, teams can get the guidance they need when they need it. 

For instance, Roundel is currently using our product to navigate the new ‘Train from Home’ environment with its recent implementation of Workfront. “It’s been great to refer user questions to the JumpSeat guides, and to leverage wayfinders to communicate nuanced information in Workfront,” said Roundel

Users can learn at their own pace with the ability to retake guides when needed. JumpSeat will guide employees through in-flight training that provides real-time guidance on any web-based technology platform in your home’s comfort. 

Are you interested in learning more about JumpSeat? No problem. Just give us some quick details, and we’ll be in touch shortly. 


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