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JumpSeat offers real-time software training that removes frustration, creates satisfaction, and builds connectivity across interrelated applications.

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No matter your role,
JumpSeat propels you forward

David wants to

Make everything simpler.

JumpSeat can do that. Training programs that reduce staff orientation makes David’s life easier. Utilizing the benefits of new cutting-edge software quickly makes his employees’ lives easier. And by optimizing their process, their customers’ lives get easier. It’s progress, simplified.

  • No time wasted on off-site training or help desk tickets
  • Greater value from updated software with more immediate use
  • Connectivity across interrelated applications


Sheila wants to

Reach new heights.

Growth is the surest sign of success; it means you’re doing so much right, you can’t help but get bigger. JumpSeat adds license revenue to every deal, helps you drive true innovation, and delivers new products to new buyers faster, all so you can keep expanding.

  • Add JumpSeat to your customers’ stack and increase top-line license revenue
  • Enable low touch digital sales to convert leads into customers
  • Leverage analytics to drive innovation and inform future product features


Jake wants to

Help clients win, like never before.

Seventy-percent of digital transformations fail in the adoption phase. Don’t slow things down with unclear, time-consuming training methods. JumpSeat lets you build the protocol that’s right for your team so that more goals are met now and in the future.

  • Drive wide-scale adoption for the solutions you implement
  • Differentiate your service offering from your competitors
  • Create a new revenue stream via JumpSeat’s referral program


JumpSeat Empowers Your Workforce.

Contextual Help

It’s hard to learn a new system without being able to see, touch, and feel. JumpSeat does just that. It takes training out of the classroom and puts it right in the application.

Persona-Based Learning

With complex applications, it’s not enough to just teach users the basics. They need training that’s not only tailored to their customized environment, but also their specific role.

Always Accessible

Don’t make your users email you or dig through their desk for a ten-month old user guide. JumpSeat is always on, always up-to-date, and always accessible.

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10 native languages and
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The Forgetting Curve

If new information isn’t applied,
we forget 75% within 6 days!
— Herman Ebbinghaus

Pace of Change

Corporate training is not keeping up with the pace of technology.

Outdated Learning

Today’s users want digital,
accessible, and personalized training.

Our Blog

2020.1.0 Release Notes

Added New “Launcher” guide type. Start a guide with a click anywhere in an app. Enterprise feature: Customize the JumpSeat Console tab. Enterprise feature: Change the style of tips to match branding. “Do Nothing” option will observe for an element Added summary to guide analytics detail page. Export guides to PDF or […]

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