Learn simply.
Work confidently.

Technology should always make life easier.

How we learn to use it should be easy, too.

With JumpSeat, you can learn seamlessly and work confidently — without even getting out of your chair.

Increase Digital Adoption
Success Rates



of digital transformations fail due to a lack of user adoption

Companies adopting software and the SaaS technology partners who provide that software face the same adoption challenges.

Master Training. Embrace Change.

In-flight training that provides real-time guidance on any web-based technology platform.


10 native languages and

hundreds of others.

German, French, Italian, Hindi, Mandarin, Japanese, 
Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish

The Forgetting Curve

If new information isn’t applied,
we forget 75% within 6 days!
— Herman Ebbinghaus

Pace of Change

Corporate training is not keeping up with the pace of technology.

Outdated Learning

Today’s users want digital,
accessible, and personalized training.

JumpSeat Empowers Users.

Contextual Help

It’s hard to learn a new system without being able to see, touch, and feel. JumpSeat does just that. It takes training out of the classroom and puts it right in the application.

Persona-Based Learning

With complex applications, it’s not enough to just teach users the basics. They need training that’s not only tailored to their customized environment, but also their specific role.

Always Accessible

Don’t make your users email you or dig through their desk for a ten-month old user guide. JumpSeat is always on, always up-to-date, and always accessible.

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Know what users want.
Make your product better.

Deploy guides, notifications, and wayfinding to the masses and allow them to be customized by users with added context from their own use cases.
User Insights and Analytics

Access detailed user and training reports to understand how technology is being leveraged and where improvements or additional guidance is needed.

Increase Top Line Revenue
Embed JumpSeat into your SaaS platform as a product add-on for your existing user base to configure their own guides.

Jumpseat Integrates With These Platforms, and More:

Driving technology education for a global luxury brand.

A global luxury brand deployed a new work management tool and DAM across 15 of their brands. Not long after deploying JumpSeat to ensure marketing efficiently and effectively on-board their teams and manage ongoing feature releases and product updates.

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