Learn while you work

Learn while you work

The most relevant training is for the tasks a worker needs to do. JumpSeat offers the right information at the right moment, providing intelligent guidance through a user’s normal work activities. Guides are there when users are ready to use them.

Present rich media

Keep training where the action is happening. JumpSeat guides offer the ability to incorporate rich media components wherever they are needed. Employees stay focused, while enjoying dynamic training content tailored to the task at hand.

Highlight new features

Updates only add value when workers use them. Keep your people in the know with tool tips that show off new features and guides that show how they work.

Multi-lingual display

Global teams have global needs. Location-based customizations match browser language settings, to keep your people on the same page around the world.

Track training

Don’t wondering how your staff is doing on training, know. User analytics make it clear who’s taken what guides, where pain points are, and who might be at risk.

Stay on the same page

Different departments focus on different tools. Notifications let you share your message on every platform, so you can always be sure you’ve been heard.

Help on demand

Sifting through support material can be time consuming, and IT isn’t always free. Built in guides provide instant training options when users get stuck, reducing support needs and allowing workers to find solutions quickly and independently.

Test user knowledge

For critical concepts, guide completion may not be enough to meet compliance concerns. Build questions into your guides to check for correct answers along the way, or quiz users on key concepts following a training session.

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