Come in loud and clear

Get your message across

Banner notifications highlight critical system-wide messages that you don’t want your team to miss. Allow users to mark messages as seen, so you know you’ve been heard.

Stay on target

Keep everyone on the same page, with context dependent notifications to alert users when they need to take an action or when their work may be delayed due to external events.

Nip outages in the bud

SaaS applications go down. It’s a fact of life. But having your users caught off guard by it doesn’t have to be. Once you get the news, share it with your users quickly and easily.

Drive engagement

Keep users engaged by keeping them on task. Clear step-by-step instructions are displayed on screen, making even the most complex tasks easy to complete.

Multi-lingual display

Global teams have global needs. Location-based customizations match browser language settings, to keep your people on the same page around the world.

Present rich media

Show off product videos, run Survey Monkey polls, and embed other media in guides and notifications, for users to enjoy without ever leaving their work.

Reach everyone, everywhere

JumpSeat notifications span your enterprise and third party applications, to make sure no one misses critical updates, even when your team is working across different tools.

Why walk when you can fly?

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