Managing the Pace of Technology Change

July 2, 2020 | Digital Adoption

Corporate training doesn’t keep up with the pace of technology, it just can’t. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a training and learning solution that could keep up with the pace of change and also be customized to how you use a tool?

The rapid pace of innovation and an increase in the efficiency of products means that employers, employees, and individuals must keep pace with the advancements of tools. For those in the technology space, how can we address these concerns?

The Time to Act is Now

People use technology to work. Every time a solution changes, whether it’s an interface or a SaaS company introduces new functionality, it poses a chain of events for a company.

How do companies manage these changes effectively?

With JumpSeat, we have the ability to pivot, transform, and change as much as a company needs to and keep up with the pace of change.

JumpSeat equips businesses to stay ahead of technological change. When you have a new platform to learn, JumpSeat overlays your program with tutorials and training guides, and wayfinders, all appearing in real-time, right in your browser, whenever you need them.

Since JumpSeat can be deployed across any number of platforms and users with as many customized learning experiences as you can envision, no matter how a brand’s stack grows or evolves over the next decade, a business will be able to equip users with the means to learn, adapt and, most importantly, adopt the new technology.

Continue to experiment with adaptive learning, determine appropriate channels and audiences, and create customized training to ensure optimization.

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