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Driving technology education for a global luxury brand

A global luxury brand and leading manufacturer of skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products was launching a new work management application AND a new digital asset management platform. Their marketing and creative teams, segmented across nearly 30 different brands, would need to be trained on the functional features of each system as well as the process and procedures specific to each organization. Moreover, the technology owners needed a way to ensure they could mitigate ongoing product releases, feature updates, and process changes.

Delivering value for the business; delivering value for the users

JumpSeat offered a single point of origin for creating, deploying, and managing training programs across the enterprise, regardless of how many different applications or users. For this enterprise, the key business benefits it provided fell into one of three categories:

Admin access as a business user

Teams don’t have to rely on IT or an outside consulting organization to customize, edit, or add to training courses or learning paths. Business users can easily create new guides and build new learning paths.


While the new applications were being deployed in creative teams, each had unique processes and specificities to their roles that determined how they used those systems. JumpSeat allows them to customize learning experiences based on particular jobs roles and functions of any creative team cross the 15 brands.

Always up-to-date

The problem with the traditional approach to training or user guides is that it required significant lead time and coordination for the application owners to stay on top of product releases. Even if they could update existing guides in a timely fashion, mitigating the risk that users were using outdated reference material was nearly impossible. With JumpSeat everyone was playing from the same sheet of music at any given moment in time.

While the focus for the business—and the benefits JumpSeat provided—was localized around existing users, JumpSeat also solved for a considerable ongoing problem which was having to deploy the same training time and time again. When new users were on-boarded the training and process instructions they needed were all centralized right in the applications in which they’d need to apply those learnings.

When you think about the level of effort involved in planning, developing, distributing, and updating “old fashioned” training like user guides or classroom-based training, the value of a program like JumpSeat becomes immediately apparent. It enables business users to keep everyone playing from the same sheet of music while enabling continual education across the impacted stakeholder groups.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this company’s use case is that they’ve taken the most critical step in future-proofing their marketing stack. Since JumpSeat can be deployed across any number of platforms and users with as many customized learning experiences as you can envision, no matter how this global luxury brand’s stack grows or evolves over the next decade, the business will be able to equip users with the means to learn, adopt and, most importantly, adopt the new technology.