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Securing the foundation for digital transformation

As part of their evolving digital transformation effort, a national insurance and retirement planning company recognized the need to implement an operational system of record (OSR). Moreover, they recognized the need to empower users to quickly and accurately learn and adopt the OSR if they were going to use it as a central component of their digital transformation architecture. The client selected JumpSeat as their digital adoption platform to:

  • Serve as the organization’s core learning and development tool; one that enables user to complete training when they need it, either as a first learning experience or a as refresher.
  • Offer self-guided training that’s made available to the user right when they log in to the system, regardless of what their customized view or “home screen” might be.
  • Provide customized guides that are tailored to the myriad personas within their organization.
  • Provide additional information and detail about each step, while also guiding them through the actions necessary to complete that step.

Reducing the need for trainers in an organization that didn’t have the budget for them

Live or in-person training is great. But it’s incredibly expensive, time consuming for participants and trainers alike, and doesn’t always have the lasting impact you’d expect for that level of investment. In an environment that couldn’t spare the FTE or monetary resources to provide instructor-led training, JumpSeat provided an economical and, ultimately, more effective alternative. The client experienced incredible time savings, improved efficacy of the defined curriculum, and longer lasting impacts of training programs.

Time savings

JumpSeat vastly reduced the number of trainer hours needed to walk users through step-by-step processes and field questions both during live training and after, as teams began to use the system. More so, given the client wanted to host role-specific training sessions meaning a distinct block of time would be needed from the trainer for each persona being on-boarded.

Improved “stickiness”

JumpSeat allowed users to access personalized training at any time without needing to wait for a trainer or site administrator to respond. Additionally, users were able to learn at their own pace with the ability to retake guides when needed. In tandem, both facets improved the efficacy of the training program creating both self-serve learners and also a learning experience that, ultimately, had more permanency.

Redundancies and safeguards

Too often, training doesn’t lend itself to the learning style of the recipient. This results in either limited initial impact or a quick regression as learners forget what they’ve been taught before they’ve had a chance to develop the “muscle memory”. With JumpSeat, the client was provided a unique, hands-on experience catered to their instance, vastly improving the initial impact. Additionally, users that needed a refresher from time to time were able to do so without disrupting their daily activities, helping to eliminate the natural effects of training regression.

For this large financial client, the driving force behind JumpSeat was, naturally, the cost savings and efficiency with which it could address so many of the pitfalls of traditional training methods. But as an added benefit the scalability of the platform–and with it the potential to scale cost savings–was a business benefit that made the C-suite sit up and take notice.

When you think about the level of effort involved in planning, developing, distributing, and updating “old fashioned” training like user guides or classroom-based training, the value of a program like JumpSeat becomes immediately apparent. It enables business users to keep everyone playing from the same sheet of music while enabling continual education across the impacted stakeholder groups.

While there will always be a place for in-person training, the mathematics of this client’s use case are fascinating. As their digital transformation continues to evolve and either new applications are rolled out or existing applications are folded under the JumpSeat umbrella, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in direct cost or overhead will be saved by driving adoption through a remote, in-app, customized learning experience. An experience that’s not only cheaper, but more effective in driving the business outcomes so many enterprises are looking for.