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July 2, 2020 | Digital Adoption

Digital adoption is a journey, and it is a process. It is important to have background information on some of the challenges that user adoption brings to an organization when implementing a new SaaS solution or digital platform. We want to give you this background knowledge so you can make better decisions for yourself, your teams, and your organization while you are on your new digital adoption journey.

In training, Hermann Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve found that if new information isn’t applied, we forget 75% within 6 days. The graph in Figure 1 shows that information disappears at an exponential rate when you first learn something, i.e. you lose much of it in the first couple of days, after which the loss rate tapered off.

The Forgetting Curve

Figure 1

You may be training your user base and seeing nodding heads, thumbs up, and positive facial expressions validating they understand the new training. Sometimes the personas and tools may not be leveraging that information or don’t start using the solution until days or maybe weeks after the training session. Then we have that regression phase, users asking, “how do I do that again,” or tap a coworker on the shoulder to answer their question to relearn the process.

How often have YOU taken an online training course and remembered every piece of information you consumed immediately afterward? Probably never.

How can you get ahead of the Forgetting Curve?

The Forgetting Curve poses a threat to SaaS Solution adoption and all learners. New information comes at us fast. Just like it’s coming at you quickly now. The Forgetting Curve is an opinion on what we decide to absorb and what’s meaningful for us. If it’s not significant, then we will not take that information and apply it to what we do. That’s the hands-on perception when we’re adopting new SaaS solutions like Workfront or new processes that need to involve a tactical approach. The Forgetting Curve is something organizations need to compact quickly and reinforce training with our user cheat code, JumpSeat.

The Solution

With JumpSeat, we eliminate the Forgetting Curve. JumpSeat, a digital adoption platform, delivers hands-on training in real-time and leads to accelerated product adoption.

How JumpSeat Solves the Problem

  • In-App Experience: It’s okay to forget! JumpSeat is embedded in your application at all times, and people can get the information and learning they need in their moment of need.
  • Customized Guidance:  JumpSeat Guides take your user step – by – step through your processes. The library of guides will navigate your employee through the software, and the user is performing the process in real-time, no longer passively learning.
  • Reminders when and where you need it: JumpSeat Wayfinders ensure that you’ll never lose your way. Customize the placement of tooltips to critical areas in the tool, and update information in the Wayfinder to provide immediate information
  • Analytics – JumpSeat will help companies identify trouble spots or blind spots in digital adoption and learning. JumpSeats powerful analytics tools help provide insight into where people may be forgetting with the use of JumpSeat Guides.

What’s Next?

Update your skills. Upgrade your performance. Forget the Forgetting Curve.

Does a software training platform sound right for your business?

Contact our team at to learn more about JumpSeat, or ask for the live demo.


What is the Forgetting Curve?

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