People Learn in Different Ways – Real-Time Learning

July 2, 2020 | Digital Adoption

People learn best by doing, but not much has been done about it.

According to our Director of Digital Learning, Erin Furrow, there are two types of learners:

Active Learner: Training while actually doing the functionality, a go-getter, the trainee wants to learn how to do this while they are learning and prefer to be hands-on in real-time.

Passive Learner: Trainee is along for the ride; the job doesn’t demand that they immediately need to execute the process or task they are learning. Or the person may be a little nervous using the new software or new methods, they skip watching videos or flipping through slide decks, they don’t want to update or adjust anything, they solely want to skim through to learn the new process.

JumpSeat focuses on the active learner, the person who wants to be doing as they are learning to close that gap of the Forgetting Curve.

Why is real-time learning important?

Today’s users want digital, accessible, and personalized training. When it comes to learning, Jumpseat introduces Real-Time guides allowing employees to continually learn and relearn and connect with the SaaS solution first-hand, allowing them to learn faster.

Sifting through support material can be time-consuming, and IT isn’t always free or available 24/7. Built-in guides provide instant training options when users get stuck, reducing support needs, and allowing workers to find solutions quickly and independently.

How does JumpSeat incorporate real-time learning?

JumpSeat provides in-flight-training that provides real-time guidance on any web-based technology platform, and it’s always on. Don’t make your users email you or dig through their desk for a ten-month-old user guide. JumpSeat is always on, always up-to-date, and always accessible. Interactive overlays allow users to learn a new system by taking training out of the classroom and puts it right into the application. With complex applications, it’s not enough to just teach users the basics. At JumpSeat, we can customize and tailor the user journey to be specific to the user role.

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