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October 27, 2020 | Digital Adoption, Uncategorized

Every year, businesses invest massive sums of money in software to handle critical tasks. Yet many companies are leaving dollars on the table– billions by some estimates –because they don’t take the required measures out of the products they purchase to get their full money’s worth.

Subsequently, companies still struggle to efficiently manage their tech resources to ensure that every dollar invested in apps produces the desired return. Users are not making full use of the application they run, leaving technology dollars squandered by consumers.

“In some cases, 50 percent or more of the features in some large applications are not being used to the extent that the organization is expecting, based on what it’s paying for,” says Peter Turpin, Vice President of Snow Software, a vendor of software asset management (SAM) solutions.

Let’s take a look at JumpSeat metrics that help businesses understand and improve their adoption efforts:

Guide Usage Statistics and Engagement

Moreover, user engagement can be tracked by analyzing user activity and guide usage. Which trainings are your workers leaning on, and which need retooling? JumpSeat offers guide usage statistics down to the step, allowing businesses to understand where your team is getting the most help and where they might be getting lost. JumpSeat allows you to create your own custom content for processes and determine how you want your employees to use features of a SaaS solution by creating guides and understanding which guides are being leveraged the most.

Navigation Pathfinders

Additionally, Navigation Pathfinders keep users in the loop and excited for the most recent additions to your system. Tooltips show off new features so workers feel confident trying them out and provide just-in-time tips, highlighting the next steps or optional navigation choices when new users have spent too long idling on a particular region of the application. With built-in analytics, wayfinding doesn’t just help your users; it also enables you to understand what isn’t naturally intuitive to them to improve the experience.

Feature & Process Adoption 

Lastly, teams can think about improving their feature adoption with JumpSeat. Not all users will use an entire product suite of capabilities. It’s essential to establish a few primary goals regarding feature usage, including features that are neglected and which features are adopted, and the effectiveness of onboarding and training efforts.

These are only some of JumpSeat’s enablers to help your teams and organization reach new heights. Ready to implement JumpSeat and increase your user adoption? 

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