How to Reduce Software User Support & Frustration

July 2, 2020 | Digital Adoption

Picture this. You are working diligently to complete an assignment. It’s late in the evening, a company-wide software upgrade has taken place, and you can’t recall how to complete your task without contacting IT for help. It is after hours, and the assignment is due tomorrow. You need help, but no one is available late in the evening to assist you. You are frustrated and wish you had a quick and easy solution to guide you through the process.

It’s no surprise that customers want a frictionless and effortless customer journey.

According to CEB Global:

  • 56% of customers reported having to re-explain their issue at least once throughout the service interaction.
  • 59% of customers reported moderate to high additional effort to resolve their issues.
  • 96% of customers become disloyal to a business because of high-effort experiences.

As consumers, we want to avoid endless email chains, chats, or phone support to resolve support issues. The golden ticket in customer loyalty is reducing customer efforts. They want to ask for help from support staff and be on their way.

With JumpSeat, we make it easy — No more handing in late assignments due to SaaS solution updates or having to wait for IT to respond to your support ticket.

How is JumpSeat reducing software user support frustration?

Realtime Help and Self-Help with JumpSeat

JumpSeat is there to help you, answer your questions, anytime you need, any time of day. You don’t have to wait for the IT support that only works 9 AM -5 PM. JumpSeat is always on, always up-to-date, and always accessible. With Jumpseat — we are giving employees or companies the opportunity to self- help. Your employees are smart, and we need to provide them with the nudge to train on their own with in-app guides.

Sifting through support material can be time-consuming, and IT isn’t always free. Built-in guides provide instant training options when users get stuck, reducing support needs, and allowing workers to find solutions quickly and independently.

Enhance Average Support Ticket

Did you know, internal support teams receive an average of 492 tickets per month? “It takes an average of 24.2 hours to provide a first response to an internal support ticket.” (Zendesk)

JumpSeat allows you to solve your issues at a fraction of the time. It provides just-in-time tips, highlighting the next steps or optional navigation choices when new users have spent too long idling on a particular application region. No support ticket necessary!

Reducing software user support and frustration should be a high priority for your team. Allow us to reduce your user frustrations and deliver a seamless customer journey with a personal and proactive approach.

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