Let us show you around

Pleasant introductions

Using a new tool for the first time can be intimidating. JumpSeat gives users a friendly first experience by highlighting key features and suggesting places to start.

Highlight new features

Keep users in the loop and excited for the most recent additions to your system. Tool tips show off new features so workers feel confident trying them out.

Help when users need it

Provide just-in-time tips, highlighting next steps or optional navigation choices when new users have spent too long idling on a particular region of the application.

Drive Engagement

Keep users engaged by keeping them on task. Clear guidance to help them navigate even the most complex of systems. And a gentle nudge whenever they get stuck.

Ditch update emails

Having trouble keeping up with new product features? Wayfinders are a great way to let your users know what's changed and how to navigate those changes.

Measure user experience

With built-in analytics, wayfinding doesn't just help your users. It also helps you understand what isn't naturally intuitive to them so you can improve the experience.

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Stay confident through change

Technology is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep users up to date. Wayfinding notifications help workers find key items when layouts change, reducing confusion after a release.

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