JumpSeat has a different vision

Purpose built from the very start to serve the enterprise.

Onward and upward, flying past the competition

We spent the upfront time equipping JumpSeat with an architecture that serves the market’s greater need. Why? Simple. We know your needs have evolved beyond the Digital Adoption Platforms of yesterday and you need the speed, reliability, and security to get to where you’re going more rapidly.

No-Code Solution

No code environment

Take off without any developers or 3rd party consultants.

Other Vendors

Developers and 3rd party consultants just to take your first solid step.

One interface

Learning enablement solutions should be easy to setup and deploy. View, author and edit guides within the same interface!

Other Vendors

Multiple applications pieced together with multiple logins.

Multi-Site Capability

Easily serve and enable your entire enterprise user base! Our multi-site capability enables our clients to deploy, share and maintain common and site-specific guides and reports!

Other Vendors

No multi-site capability.


Take off with our built-in reports or build your own reports with our custom reporting add-on.

Other Vendors

Need to rely on the vendor to build custom reports.

Companies that work confidently

Why walk when you can fly?

Get in touch and we’ll show you how JumpSeat can power your digital adoption efforts.