JumpSeat for
Travel & Expenses

In finance, accuracy is critical. When your employees know how to use their tools, you can make better, data-driven decisions.

JumpSeat in Action:
SAP Concur


Travel & Expenses Reporting, Without the Red Tape

Thorough and standardized expense reports keep your company’s balance sheets in check. Travel plans may take you all over the world, but expenses should only have one destination: the right one. JumpSeat training guides ensure you know exactly what steps to follow so you see your reimbursements fast, your miles stack up, and your to-do list shrink.

Get the most out of travel and expense platforms.

Increase adoption for better spend management.

Streamlining the platform training and onboarding process.

User onboarding can be tedious. JumpSeat makes it engaging by helping you easily design interactive product tours, onboarding task lists, and contextual guidance.

Increase engagement with simple, step-by-step guides

Accelerate time-to-competency, Raise employee productivity.

Implement a simplified user experience

JumpSeat ensures that users become proficient within a short period of time.

“When you think about the level of effort involved in planning, developing, distributing, and updating old fashioned training like user guides or classroom-based training, the value of a program like JumpSeat becomes immediately apparent. It enables business users to keep everyone playing from the same sheet of music while enabling continual education across the impacted stakeholder groups.”

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