JumpSeat for Marketing Financial Management

We don’t handle your money, but we help you handle it.
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Marketing Financial Management Made Easy

Maintaining the most current version of your marketing budget is key to understanding which of your dollars are working the hardest. Whether you’re updating once a week, once a month, or once a year, JumpSeat can keep your money management skills fresh so that you always know how to plan for what’s next.

Eliminate Frustration, Improve Experience

Anticipate user needs and provide in-app help to users from across your team.

Make Learning Consistent

Drive adoption by giving users access to relevant information, whenever they need it.

Reduce Costly Training

Reduce time spent with hypotheticals and move your business forward.

Improve User Retention

Reinforced messaging increases engagement and data assurance.

Reinforced Messaging Across All Your Platforms

JumpSeat integrates with your other enterprise platforms to deliver seamless user experience.

No More Tedious Onboarding

Accelerate training new teammates with personalized onboarding experience.

“When you think about the level of effort involved in planning, developing, distributing, and updating old fashioned training like user guides or classroom-based training, the value of a program like JumpSeat becomes immediately apparent. It enables business users to keep everyone playing from the same sheet of music while enabling continual education across the impacted stakeholder groups.”

Why walk when you can fly?

We built JumpSeat to serve real market needs.
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