JumpSeat for
Digital Asset Management

Creative content, real-world application.

JumpSeat in Action:
Adobe Experience Manager


Asset management is only as good as its organization.

Ensuring every asset is properly tagged and cataloged is pivotal to the success of your DAM. JumpSeat keeps users up to date on the latest tagging procedures and how-tos.

Drive Adoption

In-app walkthroughs and targeted messaging improves feature adoption.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Errors

Reinforce training and keep your team happy and successful.

Ease Implementation

Innovate faster and smarter with context-aware help and guidance.

Engage Your Employees

Show your users how to use the software in the most efficient way.

Simplify Repetitive Processes

Assist users during their workday and increase productivity.

Eliminate User Errors

More reliable data yields more accurate reporting.

“When you think about the level of effort involved in planning, developing, distributing, and updating old fashioned training like user guides or classroom-based training, the value of a program like JumpSeat becomes immediately apparent. It enables business users to keep everyone playing from the same sheet of music while enabling continual education across the impacted stakeholder groups.”

Why walk when you can fly?

We built JumpSeat to serve real market needs.
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