2019.2.0 Release Notes

April 21, 2021 | Release Notes

New in 2019.2.0

Bulk Activate/Deactivate Guides

Rich Text Options

New color options for the rich text editor.

Restore Version as a copy

Guide versions can now be copied to a new guide.

Auto Start Improvements

Read more about auto start guides

Edit steps from the tip

Edit the current step directly from the tip!

Edit the current guide button added

Use the pencil button to edit the current guide.

Tooltip Themes!

See the full release notes for 2019.2.0.

[v2019.2.0] – [SEPTEMBER 27, 2019]


  • Tables save their place when an item is removed or the page is reloaded.
  • Guides can be activated/deactivated with a new bulk action.
  • Support site link added to JS Home
  • Rich text editor now has text color/background options. Removed strikethrough.
  • Added edit step button to tips.
  • Guides will now indicate “Not Started,” “Incomplete,” and “Complete” with an icon in the JS Console Guide library.
  • Added additional options for auto starting guides.
  • Added option to hide a guide from the guide library.
  • Guide step completion graph added.
  • Time spent on step chart added.
  • Styling updates.
  • Edit step now shows current step number and title.
  • Removed “guides” button from Pathway page.
  • On This Page and All Guides removed from pathway library.
  • Guides versions can now be restored as a copy.
  • Edit guide title and description can now be accessed from a guide in progress.
  • Tooltip themes added.
  • Added support for SAML 2.0 SSO


  • Skip when next item is visible will no longer “flash” through each step.
  • Issue with font sizes in JS Console
  • Fixed save button on modal dialogs behavior in JS Home
  • Sessions that expire on JS Console will prompt user to reload when they continue using JumpSeat



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