Jumpseat’s Top 3 Features of 2020

December 23, 2020 | Digital Adoption, JumpSeat

The more things changed, the more things stayed the same.

2020 was a year of surprises and innovation for JumpSeat! 

The new work environment and adoption of virtual learning became JumpSeat’s north star this year. Throughout the pandemic, the more things changed worldwide, we learned people needed a quick way to learn and adapt, ultimately changing JumpSeat’s roadmap in 2020. 

We introduced the best in-flight features that improved digital adoption challenges for our customers.

Take a look at the top 3 features of JumpSeat in 2020: 


Wayfinding helps workers find key items when layout change, reducing confusion after release. Highlighting new features and functionality is now better than ever! Wayfinding got a facelift and gave you the power to customize the interface and highlight your product and processes’ unique features. 


JumpSeat just got smarter and more intuitive! We expanded and brought our clients a more robust and modernized element library. Giving you the security of knowing your guides will be more responsive, no matter the changes you make.


In 2020, JumpSeat added our LaunchPad Integration and New Analytics. This additional feature counts your guide starts and automatically notifies users of any missing steps.

Not only did JumpSeat get a facelift, earlier this year we decided we needed a website that clearly explained what it is we do and how we can tackle your digital adoption challenges. 

We partnered with Fifteen4, a design-led studio of creative professionals, to build a new online experience with vibrant design and seamless animation. The new website tells our story and shows how we can help your business adapt to using new SaaS solutions. 

Additionally, we successfully launched a try-before-you-buy freemium model and gave potential clients like YOU the opportunity to demo our product in 2020. 

It’s time to start choosing the right digital adoption solution for your SaaS implementation, let us take you to new heights! Request a JumpSeat demo today! 

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