User analytics

Get your big brother on

Trust your team’s knowledge

With in-depth usage analytics, you can be confident that your team is not only using your tools, but using them effectively. Know which guides have been taken, how many times, and how users score on comprehension.

Know who’s using JumpSeat

Which trainings are your workers leaning on, and which need retooling? With guide usage statistics down to the step, understand where your team is getting the most help and where they might be getting lost.

Highlight new features

Updates only add value when workers use them. Keep your people in the know with tool tips that show off new features and guides that show how they work.

Stay on the same page

Different departments focus on different tools. Notifications let you share your message on every platform, so you can always be sure you’ve been heard.

Support on demand

Getting unstuck is easier than ever, with tailored guides that keep workers going when they encounter a knowledge gap while working on a task.

Test user knowledge

Know what’s clicking and address what isn’t. Built in quizzes give you confidence that workers aren’t just completing guides, they’re understanding them.

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