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Learning new software shouldn’t have to add to a developer’s workload. Atlassian is best known for Jira, a project-tracking tool that helps software teams address internal issues and evaluate performance. Learn how JumpSeat can improve your Jira training, adoption and productivity today!

JumpSeat helps organizations realize the value of their Microsoft investments by driving full application adoption. JumpSeat can be deployed on any of the Microsoft SaaS products including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics, WebApps. Get in touch and see how JumpSeat can power your Microsoft adoption efforts.

Carahsoft Technology Corp. is the trusted Government IT Solutions Provider, committed to helping government agencies select and implement the best solution at the best value. Through Guides, Wayfinding, Notifications and User Analytics, JumpSeat can unlock the value of your government agencies’ SaaS solutions. JumpSeat is securely hosted in the Amazon GovCloud and complies with top industry standards, providing an exclusive U.S. Public Sector environment for all federal, state, and local government customers. Take flight with JumpSeat today and click to learn more!

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