2021.2.0 Release Notes

July 9, 2021 | Release Notes

[v2021.2.0] – [JULY 9, 2021]


  • Customizable Analytics Dashboard
  • Choose widgets
  • Add filters
  • Rearrange widgets
  • Role detail analytics page added.
  • Tooltips can be placed in an additional 4 directions around an element
  • Added an “Always start” option to autostart
  • Set a default message for “Restrict element to trained user”
  • Wayfinders can now be set to show tips when hovering over an element
  • Receive emails when a user encounters a missing step.
  • Added sort to missing step table by date.


  • Application administrators only see relevant apps in the app table.
  • Improved default step titles when using record.
  • Reset password now lasts 24 hours, up from 60 minutes.
  • Guides will now stop when the session expires.
  • Spotlight appears sooner between steps.
  • General speed improvements
  • Fixed cross-domain error when using aliases.



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