2021.1.0 Release Notes

April 22, 2021 | Release Notes

[v2021.1.0] – 4/1/2021


  • New “Launcher” guide type. Start a guide with a click anywhere in an app.
  • Enterprise feature: Customize the JumpSeat Console tab.
  • Enterprise feature: Change the style of tips to match branding.
  • “Do Nothing” option will observe for an element
  • Added summary to guide analytics detail page.
  • Export guides to PDF or Excel.
  • Added search to pathway guides page.
  • Added indication that JumpSeat form submissions are being processed.


  • Imported guides will reset the version number.
  • Fixed visual issue when adding a step in double width mode.
  • Faster loading of edit/delete buttons on guides and steps.
  • Auto start options in JumpSeat home display issue fixed.
  • Wayfinder positioning will adjust with correct values.
  • Cross-frame security improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where branches wouldn’t start.
  • Fixed visual issue with role selection in user form.



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