2020.1.0 Release Notes

July 15, 2021 | Release Notes

[v2020.1.0] – [FEBRUARY 20, 20220]


  • New guides will automatically be added to the App Users role
  • Guides and Pathways have an “order” field.
  • Lost/Find exceptions “Alert (default)” text can now be customized in the configuration page.
  • Lost/Find exceptions “Display a custom message” can now be customized with rich text.
  • Additional filters added to user and guide tables.
  • “Tile” layout switched to tables on Apps, Roles, and Pathways pages.
  • Guide table will now show the roles assigned to guides.
  • Wayfinder guides now have a shortcut button on the authoring tab.
  • Autostart options are now available in JumpSeat Home.
  • Organizations can now export all users from all applications into a single document.
  • Authors will see disabled guides grayed out in steps with branches.
  • The Application Users page has controls to add a user to a role while creating them.
  • Changing a user’s password will send an email notification to the user.
  • Enterprise features improved.
  • Added reCAPTCHA.


  • Creating a guide with a title that already exists with show an error.
  • Tables will no longer “flicker” at certain window sizes.
  • Fixed issues with the spotlight feature.
  • Fixed an issue where JumpSeat might not load with certain configuration options.
  • Improved iFrame support. iFrames with the same domain name will now be connected in JumpSeat.
  • Searching for guides in the console library fixed.
  • Optimized table loading.



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