2019.1.0 Release Notes

April 21, 2021 | Release Notes


  • Switched to Laravel Framework.
  • Multi-tenant database structure.
  • Organization Admin user level.
  • More sortable table columns.
  • Renamed “Administrator” role to “Application Administrator”
  • Renamed “Guest” role to “App Users”
  • Guides must be added to a role to be visible.
  • Automatically create unique guest users for new unmapped users.
  • Improved feedback for imports.
  • Improved password forgot & reset


  • Issue with step numbering for skip to exceptions.
  • Cross domain session cookie issue.
  • Analytics timeout & memory errors.
  • Eliminated extra check for active applications.
  • Pathway guide list drag and drop issue.
  • Fixed XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed issue where switching between apps could carry over mapped user.
  • Unnecessary version updates no longer created.
  • Fixed extension CSP issues.
  • Blacklist URL issue.
  • Firefox user mapping issue.



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